What Does 'Burn Their Young' Mean in Valheim?

What Does 'Burn Their Young'  Mean in Valheim?
What Does 'Burn Their Young' Mean in Valheim? / Iron Gate Studios, Coffee Stain Publishing

Valheim Vikings are a bit confused about an inscription on one of the major altars directing them to "burn their young."

In Iron Gates Studios' Viking-themed survival title, Valheim, players are tasked with taking on the mantle of battle-worn, slain warriors. Instead of being taken to Valhalla, however, these warriors are placed in a tenth realm known as "Valheim" to defeat the powerful enemies of the Allfather and restore peace to that world.

All they need to do is drag those enemies out into the open.

Valheim "Burn Their Young" Meaning

Vikings will find altars bearing this inscription in the Black Forest after taking down Eikthyr the electric deer. Typically, the game will identify them as an "Ancient Bowl," but their function is identical. These are meant to be used in summoning the second boss, The Elder, a treant that lives in the woods. Much like with Eikthyr, the inscription is meant as a clue for exactly how to go about that summoning.

The phrase "burn their young" can be applied directly. The game literally wants you to burn the offspring of The Elder at their associated altars. Now, what kind of children would a hostile walking, talking tree have? Well, what do plants grow from?

Seeds, of course! Players need to collect at least three Ancient Seeds and set them on fire on The Elder's altar. Ancient Seeds can be picked up from Greydwarf Brutes or from the ashes of a destroyed Greydwarf nest. They can also be found in Chests, though this is rare.