What Does 'CT' Mean in Valorant?

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Hearing people say "CT" in Valorant but not sure what it means? Here's what you need to know.

Getting involved in online games often means you have to learn a bit of extra vocabulary. A lot of the time the words and phrases used are pretty self-explanatory, being shortened versions of common expressions used in the game. Other times, they'll be things you'll just naturally pick-up over time.

In some cases, though, you'll be faced with a phrase and have no idea what it means. This has been the case with certain Valorant phrases. One that's been causing a bit of confusion for the game's newer players is 'CT.'

So, what does 'CT' mean in Valorant?

What Does 'CT' Mean in Valorant?

Valorant shares a few similarities with Counter-Strike, so much so that even some of the jargon used originated in CS:GO. This is the case for 'CT' too. When players call out "CT" in Valorant, they're referring to the defenders. In CS:GO these were called 'counter terrorists,' hence 'CT.' In Valorant, you'll usually hear people call it out in reference to the the defenders’ spawn points.

Similarly, 'T' refers to attackers which in CS:GO meant the terrorists. You'll likely hear players in Valorant use this as a call out too.

For players who have never played CS:GO, the callouts will no doubt feel a bit confusing. But, going forward, you'll now have a better idea of what your teammates are communicating.