What Does FIFA 23 EFIGS Means?

EA Sports

FIFA Ultimate Team fans might be wondering what EFIGS means after seeing a 1 of 3 EFIGS TOTS Player Pick getting added to FIFA 23 TOTS Season Swaps.

Team of the Season is nearly here kicking off on Apr. 28 at 1 p.m. ET with the Community TOTS squad. As part of the promotion, EA Sports introduced TOTS Season Swaps where the entire new Season Progress path is TOTS themed. Players will complete special objectives earning experience for special rewards that can be claimed.

One of those rewards is a 1 of 3 EFIGS TOTS Player Pick at Level 20. What exactly is EFIGS?

What Does FIFA 23 EFIGS Means?

EFIGS stands for England, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. The acronym details that players in a certain pack or player pick with EFIGS in it contains players from the top five leagues in the world. Those leagues are:

  • Premier League - England
  • Ligue 1 - France
  • Serie A - Italy
  • Bundesliga - Germany
  • LaLiga - Spain

Again, this doesn't mean that players available are from just those countries. It's just players from those specific leagues which isn't a bad thing at all. These EFIGS packs and player picks will include some of the best players in the game. Think the Ultimate TOTS squad with just more possibilities considering the Ultimate TOTS will likely be made up of the best of the best from EFIGS leagues.

FIFA 23 Team of the Season starts Apr. 28. Check out the TOTS Season Swaps rewards and the Community TOTS Season Swaps objectives.