What Does MIT Mean in Overwatch 2?

Blizzard Entertainment

When playing a match of the newly released Overwatch 2 players can see all sorts of stats and information on their player scorecard. At a glance it can be a little confusing seeing a bunch of letters and numbers. Those unfamiliar or not too interested in the details could just be looking for the number of deaths in the match. For those that love all things stats and want to utilize analytics will notice a new stat abbreviated MIT.

What Does MIT Mean in Overwatch 2?

On the scorecard many stats are abbreviated with a single letter and can be self-explanatory. The number of eliminations a player gets is E while the number of deaths is D. For many players the kills and death ratio will be enough. For a game that requires teamwork like Overwatch the other stats can help determine how effective your role was.

The new stat MIT is an abbreviation for damage mitigated. This basically means how much damage a player prevented. MIT can mean anything from damage blocked by barriers or even abilities that reduce potential damage or moves that increase invulnerability. Keep in mind that MIT is different from H which stands for healing.

A high MIT stat means that a player was using defensive abilities which is essential in many modes in Overwatch 2. If that is more your style then support heroes are for you. Pro Genji or Tracer players will likely not be as concerned with the MIT stat but rather DMG stat for offensive damage.