What Does Outlast Opponents in Fortnite Mean?

Outlast opponents
Outlast opponents / Photo courtesy by Epic Games

What does outlast opponents in Fortnite mean?

Fortnite comes with a lot of unique challenges, events, and perks. One small challenge is to outlast your opponents.

What does outlast your opponent means in Fortnite, simply put it as surviving longer in a battle royal match; although it is quite a challenge competing with others to win for the number one spot. The battle royale starts the match with 100 players riding the bus to drop anywhere on the map and win, but the outcomes always vary depending on where a player lands.

Thank your Bus Driver
Thank your Bus Driver / Photo courtesy by Epic Games

What Does Outlast Opponents in Fortnite Mean?

Outlasting opponents vary from beginner to veteran Fortnite players and with the new season arriving, the content that comes with will help to survive in different outcomes. Some of the ways to outlast opponents are:

  • Placing top 5 of the match
  • Avoiding fights around the map
  • Stocking up on slurp juice and using the storm to hide
  • Waiting in the middle of the circle

There are multiple ways to outlast the 100 opponents that dive onto the battle royale, with weekly challenges that engage players to take on the event. Wakanda Forever event in January, had players outlast 500 opponents for the game to unlock an emote salute from the movie Black Panther. Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 will bring all-new events, easter eggs, and challenges so players make sure to outlast opponents.