What Does Sanity do in Phasmophobia?

What does Sanity do in Phasmophobia to help players survive
What does Sanity do in Phasmophobia to help players survive / Kinetic Games

Sanity in Phasmophobia is one of the most crucial stats in the entire game attributed to players.

Kinetic Games has truly turned the hunt for ghosts on its head with its indie psychological horror game, Phasmophobia. Four players must join together to track, log evidence, and identify ghosts on the various maps within the game. Be warned, however, that the spirits won't just sit idly by, waiting to be found. Trespassing on their territory isn't exactly a welcomed act.

What Does Sanity do in Phasmophobia

Sanity is one of the key elements to watch out for in Phasmophobia. It functions most similarly to hit points and denotes exactly how much "health" players have before being susceptible to ghost attacks. The Sanity percentage for all players can be found inside the investigation van and is tracked in real-time.

Players can lose sanity by asking questions over the Ouija Board, using a Voodoo doll, witnessing paranormal activity, or seeing the spirit, itself. Sanity drain is additionally affected by the difficulty level—increased by half for Intermediate and double for Professional levels. Some ghosts such as the Yurei have a passive Sanity draining effect whenever they're close.

Low Sanity encourages ghosts to target and hunt those players. It will increase spirit aggression—not unlike a shark smelling blood in the water. Those with low Sanity should take extra caution to avoid death.

It may be possible to counteract or diminish the amount of drain certain interactions have by using lit Candles. These must be placed close to the player and are only active when set down in a certain area.

The only way to recover Sanity is through the use of Sanity Pills, which can be purchased before the start of a game as part of the equipment. Sanity does not replenish over time. However, it is fully restored at the end of a match.