What Does the Vendetta Fish Do in Fortnite?

Fishing was added in Fortnite Content Patch 11.00.
Fishing was added in Fortnite Content Patch 11.00. | Photo by Epic Games

What does the Vendetta Fish do in Fortnite is something that players who just started fishing in Fortnite may be asking themselves. The Vendetta Fish is one of the legendary fish that can be caught in the water.

Here is what the Vendetta Flopper can add to the game.

What Does the Vendetta Fish Do in Fortnite, and How Do You Get it?

Along with the Midas Fish, the Vendetta Flopper provides players with a power that will help win games. The Vendetta Flopper, once caught, will allow players to spot enemies within a certain radius. The legendary fish is essentially a limited, aquatic and non-damage dealing flare gun.

However, in order to catch this fish and use its location-centered power, players need the Pro Fishing Rod. This fishing rod can be crafted at a workbench using a Simple Fishing Rod, 100 wood, 100 stone and 100 metal. Unlike other fish, the Vendetta Flopper will take patience to catch but does not have a specific location, which means it can be caught anywhere.

While it may be easy to gloss over fishing in Fortnite, it could prove to be beneficial if players have some time during a game. Especially the Vendetta Fish, finding the fish may be easier than finding a Flare Gun in some instances.