What Does Thrifty Mean in Valorant?

Do you consider yourself thrifty?
Do you consider yourself thrifty? / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

What does thrifty mean in valorant? It's a question that gamers around the world are wondering.

Valorant players who have enjoyed success since the title went live in early June, may be wondering why the word "thrifty" keeps popping up on their screen. It's one of the post-round tags that players can receive based on how their team fared during competition.

The different tags indicate different objectives, challenges, or statistical measures which were met by a players team during the round. So, what does "thrifty" mean?

What Does Thrifty Mean in Valorant?

When a round completes and players see the word "thrifty" flash on their screen, it means their team has won the round while spending less money than the opposing team. Simply acknowledging an economical approach to spending per the round awarded, "thrifty" will flash whenever players win a round with a less expensive loadout than opponents.

Though "thrifty" is a cool post-match tag to receive, players should always worry about securing the victory first and achieving special challenges or objectives second. For a full list of the best weapons currently in Valorant (as of Patch 1.08) to make sure you maximize your loadouts, click here.