What Happened to Duos in Blackout?

What happened to duos in Blackout? The game mode appears to have disappeared from the battle royale, and players are as confused as they are disappointed. Here's what you need to know:

What Happened to Duos in Blackout?

Duos were originally removed from Blackout’s playlists April 9 in the 1.17 update. Fans were unenthusiastic about the removal of duos, lashing out at Treyarch for the decision. Their vocal unhappiness prompted an explanation from Treyarch.

Treyarch employees on Reddit gave conflicting reasons for the removal, with one claiming it was unintentional and another implying the opposite. Regardless, they stated the removal would last only a single day before duos returned to the game.

Treyarch later confirmed via Twitter the change was intentional. The developer hoped duos’ absence would encourage players to try out other playlists. Whether or not the change succeeded in that goal remains unknown.

As promised, duos returned to Blackout’s list of playlists the following day and is currently available.

Photo courtesy of Treyarch/Activision