What Happens if You Kill 5-Torg in High On Life?

Squanch Games, screenshot by DBLTAP

Once you've completed the first boss fight in High On Life, 5-Torg will appear. The game will then give you the option to kill her, which eventually becomes a common choice you're given when meeting several NPCs. Here's what happens if you do.

The game's creator, Justin Roiland, also co-created Rick and Morty, which shares similar levels of comedic timing and a colorful narrative. Its main characters, who are aliens who want to get high on humanity," will often be the source of humorous dialogue and unique occurrences. Players of the High On Life and fans of Rick and Morty alike have noted that the free-spirited nature of Roiland's works implies that there likely won't be any dire consequences to seemingly brutal or serious actions taken in the game.

What Happens if You Kill 5-Torg in High On Life?

Even though Kenny later calls her a 'secret boss,' attacking 5-Torg will actually have no effect on the storyline whatsoever. Unlike the eventual achievement that appears when stabbing Gene, there are no achievements or rewards involved with killing her, either.

Additionally, unlike her counterpart 9-Torg, attacking 5-Torg will draw no retaliation from her. As such, you'll hear extra dialogue from 5-Torg and Kenny, but that's the extent of the consequences involved with killing her.