What is a Distinct Killing Spree Medal in Halo?

Courtesy of 343 Industries / Screenshot: @Halo

Confused about what a Distinct Killing Spree Medal is in Halo Infinite? Here's everything you need to know

Halo Infinite has daily challenges for players to complete which award various different items. Many of the challenges require players to "Earn Distinct Killing Spree in 'X Game Mode'". This has spawned mass confusion for players who don't know what kind of Killing Spree classifies as Distinct.

What is a Distinct Killing Spree Medal in Halo?

To earn a Distinct Killing Spree Medal in Halo and complete the challenge, players simply need to get a regular Killing Spree. That means a player must kill five enemies without dying. However, if the challenge requires you to get more than one Distinct Killing Spree, you must get one Killing Spree, die, and get a second Killing Spree.

Take note that eliminating 10 enemies without dying will not grant you two Distinct Killing Spree Medals. Hopefully this helps to clear up the confusion behind the challenge, as the directions from the game are easy to stumble over.