What is a Good Refresh Rate for Overwatch?

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

What is a good refresh rate for Overwatch? The recommended refresh rate for Overwatch is 144Hz. Players are able to get away with a 60Hz monitor, but going anywhere below that may affect the gameplay. Already at 60 Hz, staying at this refresh rate can keep a player at a huge disadvantage.

Most games today are recommended to be played at a refresh rate of 144Hz, and Overwatch is one of them. Overwatch is best to be played at the 240Hz rate, but 144 Hz is enough for many players. Currently, 100% of professional Overwatch players play over the 144Hz refresh rate, with most playing with 240 Hz.

For those playing Overwatch at 60 Hz, they may notice that hitscan heroes like Ana, Bastion or Reaper may be more difficult to play. At 60FPS or lower, players may find it more difficult to aim, shoot or use their ability.

What is a Good Refresh Rate for Overwatch?

In a Reddit thread, Overwatch players discussed if playing the game on a 60Hz monitor strongly disadvantages a player. Many contributors to the discussion agreed that "144 won't make you a better player, but it will allow you to become a better player."

Players also mentioned that investing in a monitor that runs at a 144Hz refresh rate is worth the price as more games are now being formatted to run at this rate.

For players who are having trouble with their game running at the correct refresh rate, make sure that the video settings in Overwatch are matched to run at the refresh rate a player's computer and monitor.