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What is a Good Refresh Rate for Rocket League?

Photo via Psyonix / Epic Games

In Rocket League, competitive players would argue that a good refresh rate and FPS is more important than the colorful visuals of the game. If you want to play to your best ability, risking performance over visuals may be important, and that starts with a good refresh rate on your monitor.

Here's how to determine a Good Refresh Rate in Rocket League.

What is a Good Refresh Rate for Rocket League?

In a game like Rocket League, those additional frames per second can really make a vast difference. Your display's refresh rate affects how smooth animations appear. This is especially important in competitive games such as Rocket League, considering that most top players are running the game at 120+ frames per second (FPS), and thus can see the most subtle changes faster than those on more casual setups, putting them at an advantage to score

One of the most important aspects of Rocket League is reacting to the ball in a timely manner, and a higher FPS rate and refresh rate ensures that you'll react to the ball in a faster manner. If you're on PC, the best should be 144 FPS. That way, although it will take a lot of power, your rig will be operating at the fastest frame and refresh rate, and you won't be experiencing split-second delays that weaker set-ups may experience. For those on next-gen consoles, or budget to mid-tier PC rigs, the optimal step up is 144Hz monitors. For those who can afford it, there are also 240 and even 360 Hz options. When it comes to monitors, the higher the Hz, the better.