What is a Good Refresh Rate for Valorant?

Photo courtesy Riot Games

A good refresh rate for Valorant is recommended to be at 240Hz, but that doesn’t mean that it's necessarily required.

A refresh rate is how many images one’s monitor can display per second. And the higher the number, the more images a player can see.

But many players do not have the luxury to get a 240Hz monitor, and so the Reddit community has expressed their views on what their refresh rate is and what ranking they are at within Valorant.

What is a Good Refresh Rate for Valorant?

High refresh rate monitors are valuable tools for most competitive first-person shooters, let alone any competitive video game.

There's no direct correlation between having a good refresh rate monitor and being better at the game. It still comes down to the player's individual skill at the end of the day. Players can implement tools to help them like a monitor or mouse, but those aren't guaranteed to make you a better player.

Take the time to research what monitors work best for specific games and what refresh rates are attached to each and make a decision based on that.