What is a Koopaling Driver?

What is a Koopaling Driver? Mario Kart Tour has a challenge where you have to achieve a score of 6000 or higher with a Koopaling Driver, but several players might not actually know what a Koopaling Driver is. Here, we tell you who the Koopaling Drivers are.

What is a Koopaling Driver?

Koopaling Drivers are the Koopaling siblings that lead the Koopa Troop. They report to Bowser and try to cause some trouble throughout the Mario series. Here, we list all the Koopaling Drivers. You can use any of the following characters to complete any Koopaling challenge:

• Iggy
• Larry
• Lemmy
• Ludwig
• Morton
• Roy
• Wendy

If you have any of those drivers, you will be able to complete the Koopaling challenge. Keep in mind that although Bowser Jr. looks like a Koopaling, he actually doesn't count towards the challenge. Now that you know who the Koopaling Drivers are, you can hopefully work your way towards achieving the 6000 points you need to earn!

Photo courtesy of Nintendo