What is a Marksman Rifle in Fortnite?

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Wondering what's considered a Marksman Rifle in Fortnite? Here's what you need to know

Some of Fortnite's weekly or daily quests can be a bit vague. Rather than detailing exactly what you need to do to complete them, they'll generalize the requirements slightly. For example, a quest might ask players to deal damage using a melee weapon. As any player knows, Fortnite rarely has melee weapons. In fact, the only one that is consistently on hand is the player's pickaxe. When the game calls for a melee weapon, it usually means your trusty pickaxe.

So what about a Marksman Rifle? In Chapter 3 Season 4, there's no weapon in the current pool explicitly called a Marksman Rifle — so what does it mean.

What is a Marksman Rifle in Fortnite?

Actually, there is a designated Marksman Rifle in Fortnite but you probably know it by another name. A designated marksman rifleor DMR, as you more commonly know it — is a scoped rifle. In Fortnite, it's a particularly popular long-ranged weapon. While the regular DMR is currently vaulted, players can pick up the Cobra DMR instead.

Cobra DMRs can be found on the ground, in Chests, Supply Drops, fishing, Loot Sharks, and from Reality Sapling Fruit.