What is a Non-Simulation Football Game?

What is a non-simulation football game?
What is a non-simulation football game? / Focus On Sport/Getty Images

What is a non-simulation football game?

Fans of the iconic NFL 2K franchise are asking themselves this question after the announcement by 2K Games and the NFL that 2K would once again have the rights to produce NFL video games and would be producing only non-simulation football games.

NFL 2K21: What is a non-simulation football game?

A non-simulation football game does not attempt to produce an authentic NFL experience which remains true to player and team ratings, along with NFL rules. The hallmark of a non-simulation football game is its over the top action and arcade style of gameplay.

Think, for instance, of the Midway series NFL Blitz. The game features completely over the top gameplay with violent hits, excessive celebrations, and even the occasional player getting literally lit on fire. The games will contain football action with NFL teams, players, and maybe even NFL stadiums, but with gameplay action that doesn't match you'd expect to see in a professional football game.

Another example of a non-simulation football game would be every title in the NFL Street series. Each game featured NFL players and legends, along with NFL team names, but included gameplay features like wall jumps and jukes and style point meters that made it a non-simulation experience.

No matter what direction 2K Games decides to take their non-simulation football games in, it will still be a while before any of those titles hit stores. The first planned project release won't be until 2021 and most projects are still in the early stages of development, according to a tweet posted by a representative from 2K Games.