What is Accolade XP in Fortnite?

Photo courtesy of Epic Games.

Did you know it takes 7,920,000 XP to reach level 100 in Fortnite? To say that it takes a lot of time and dedication to level up in Fortnite is an understatement. So what is Accolade XP, and how does it help the player level up as they play? We have that info for you.

What is Accolade XP?

Accolade XP is a pretty simple concept. Players earn Accolade XP by completing simple tasks within the game. Whether it be opening a chest, discovering locations, or taming animals, Accolade XP is pretty easy to earn while you play.

In a recent update, Epic Games have decided to double the amount of Accolade XP players earn by completing these tasks. This comes in response to criticism that experience was hard to earn, and that leveling up was becoming extremely time-consuming. By increasing the number of experience players earn from Accolade XP, Epic Games hopes some of the frustrations players have expressed will be alleviated.

Another way players can earn experience is through Accolade Devices. As detailed in an article on the Epic Games website, Accolade Devices can be set up on player islands, and whoever interacts with your island will earn Battle Pass XP in return.

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