What is an Illegal Restart in Fortnite?

Photo courtesy of Twitter: @FortniteStatus

What is an illegal restart in Fortnite, you ask? Well, it's something that over the past few days a lot of people have been seeing.

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world (unsurprisingly), and they have a lot of competitions - like, a lot. So, Epic Games have a lot of rules to go with it. And this illegal restart that's been cropping up on a lot of people's devices - because, Epic Games has changed its terms and conditions.

What is an Illegal Restart in Fortnite?

An illegal restart is when players who have been disqualified from tournaments or competitions, re-enter. How they were disqualified - whether by losing or otherwise - is irrelevant. Such as when a team loses or are disqualified, the team cannot re-enter the competition, but the individual players can go on to join other teams.

Some people achieve this by switching servers. They go from playing on the US server to the Europe server and compete from there. It is considered an illegal game practice due to the negative effect it has on rankings - as well as the genuine enjoyment of the players. Epic Games is starting to take this seriously, now classing Illegal Restarts as an offense punishable by banning accounts as per their new terms and conditions.