Apex Legends

What is Apex Legends Old Ways, New Dawn Event?

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends' "Old Ways, New Dawn" is the first Apex Chronicle, a new event type. They're described as bite-sized story events that "inject narrative into the world of Apex via gameplay challenges and experiences."

Respawn has tried using comics or out-of-game story elements to give backstory to different Legends, but now they've created an in-game version.

What is Apex Legends Old Ways, New Dawn Event?

Old Ways, New Dawn will release on Sept 29, giving players a chance to try out the new game mode. Players will use Bloodhound as they try to save an injured prowler and deal with past guilt.

  • The challenges are unique to Bloodhound and their abilities—you have to play as Bloodhound in a non-ranked BR game to activate the quest.
  • All challenges occur on World’s Edge, Bloodhound’s home.

Once you’re on World’s Edge as Bloodhound, simply lookout for a white raven to trigger the beginning of your hunt.