What is Baldachin's Blessing in Elden Ring?

Image courtesy of FromSoftware/Bandai Namco

Want to know what Baldachin's Blessing is in Elden Ring? We've got you covered.

Balachin's Blessing is a single-use consumable item. Most consumables grant various effects such as removing negative status effects, restorative properties for recovering HP, or applying temporary buffs and debuffs. Some can even be thrown at enemies to deal damage.

More specifically, Baldachin's Blessing has the following description: “Favor bestowed by a deathbed companion. Protection of a hidden temple in the guise of a bedchamber. Uses FP to temporarily boost poise. The favor allows one to forget any aches and pains. In Death, there is only peace, for in Death, there can be no sensation.”

So what exactly is Baldachin's Blessing in Elden Ring?

What is Baldachin's Blessing in Elden Ring?

Balachin's Blessing is a unique item that is bestowed to you when receiving Fia's embrace. You can find her at the eastern corridor of the Roundtable Hold. It uses a small amount of FP and temporarily increases your Poise for 15 seconds during combat.

Poise is a stat that impacts your ability to take enemy attacks without being staggered. It won't stop you from taking damage, but you're less likely to get stunned and become vulnerable. It's a great stat for those who block attacks more than they dodge them, because the higher your Poise, the longer you can withstand prolonged fights without breaking stance. Keep in mind that the actual amount of Poise increased seems to vary according to player level and stats.

Balachin's Blessing isn't essential, though it's possible it might make a significant difference in battle against tough foes. Of course, this can all be avoided if you don't let Fia hug you.