What is Bloom in Halo Infinite?

Photo courtesy of Microsoft

Fans of Halo Infinite have debated whether or not bloom is a good mechanical fit for the game, but 343 Industries appears to think it is, as it affects most of the weapons in the game.

In all previous Halo games, weapons had a bloom spread but Halo Reach was the first game in the Halo series to show the bloom on the players screen.

What is Bloom in Halo Infinite?

Bloom refers to the players reticle while they fire a weapon. After firing multiple times or spamming the weapon to fire, the weapon crosshairs or aiming reticle increases slightly in size. This makes the weapon less accurate temporarily, but the bloom will revert once the player stops shooting.

Many other FPS games have bloom, for example Destiny. Bloom can be beneficial to other players as it requires you to slow down a little to get a more accurate shot, in other words, spacing your shots. However it can increase inaccuracy for long-distance shots.

Bloom varies on each weapon. Semi-automatic guns and pistols have different blooms, but the reasoning in every case is to limit and control the firing of a weapon.

In fact, the Striker pistol in Halo Infinite is the only weapons not to have bloom in the game.