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What is Bullet Stumble in Back 4 Blood?

Back 4 Blood
Back 4 Blood / Credit to Turtle Rock Studios

What is bullet stumble in Back 4 Blood?

Back 4 Blood adds variety to its gameplay by allowing players to add attachments to their weapons, each with one or two added special effects. There are optic, barrel, magazine and stock attachments for players to experiment with, but only specific magazine attachments affect bullet stumble. Only magazine attachments with "HP" in their name will increase bullet stumble.

What is Bullet Stumble in Back 4 Blood?

Bullet stumble in Back 4 Blood is what causes Ridden to become staggered when they are shot, but not killed. The more bullet stumble a weapon causes the longer the Ridden will be stunned when shot. This effect works on normal and special Ridden and is most noticeable on Bruisers and Crushers.

There are two kinds of HP magazines. Both will increase bullet stumble, but the extended HP magazines will add additional ammo to every magazine whereas the fast HP magazines will increase the reload speed for every magazine. Both styles of magazine can be useful, but be sure to know what weapons best benefit from extra bullet stumble before you use the attachment.

The only way to remove an attachment is to find an attachment in the same category and attach it over top of the previous attachment. This will cause the first attachment to drop off the weapon.