What is Buy Back Mode in Warzone? Standard Playlists Removed

Warzone's core Battle Royale mode has been replaced with Buy Back this week.
Warzone's core Battle Royale mode has been replaced with Buy Back this week. / Image courtesy of Raven Software/Activision

Raven Software announced the weekly playlists for Call of Duty: Warzone, but it seems the standard Battle Royale modes have been removed.

Announced in a tweet via the Raven Software account, the Warzone playlists have been updated for the week. Fans were quick to notice that the usual Battle Royale modes, including Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads, had been removed and replaced with Buy Back modes.

The replacement of the modes has left many players feeling disappointed, with some commentors saying that they only log into the game to play the core Battle Royale mode. User @gauthamarunn said "Appreciate the update but could you make this an option? There are many of us who like to play the traditional BR, and making buybacks an option would probably be better than forcing us all to play it."

The weekly shuffle of the playlists serves to add a bit of variety to Warzone, but usually the core Battle Royale modes are left unchanged. It's likely that Raven Software has decided to push the boat out this time around, and make Buy Backs the mode of choice for players.

What is Buy Back Mode in Warzone?

Buy Back mode is a variation on the Battle Royale format. The main difference here is that the Gulag system is removed, and instead, players can redeploy their downed teammates by spending an in-game sum of $4,000. Players can spend the money at the Buy Stations and bring their teammates back for a total of 20 minutes and 15 seconds.

In a Solo match, players are automatically redeployed if they have over $4,500 on their person. Each player starts the match with $4,500.

It's clear from the comments on the Twitter thread that Buy Back isn't as popular as the core Battle Royale mode, but perhaps where players have very little choice it may lead others to garner a new appreciation for the mode. Of course, with enough pushback, Raven Software may add the core mode back into the weekly playlist but it's yet to be seen if they'll budge on their decision.