What is Close Encounters Mode in Fortnite?

Image courtesy of Epic Games

Noticed a new Close Encounters mode in Fortnite lately? You might be wondering what it is.

Even a game as long running as Fortnite likes to shake things up from time to time. Introducing new weapons, limited-time modes, and refreshing the map every so often is a small way to keep players coming back for more. Those who have hopped into the game recently might have noticed a new Close Encounters mode in the menu.

This mode has brought along with it some of its own quests to complete, too - adding an extra incentive for players to give it a go. But what exactly is it?

What is Close Encounters Mode in Fortnite?

Close Encounters is an LTM where things are designed to move a little bit faster than usual. The storm moves faster and matches tend to be over in roughly 15 minutes.

One other thing to note: the only weapons available are shotguns.

This mode has appeared a few times over the years, changing it up every so often. This time, players will have the newly added and revamped Heavy Shotgun to play with during the LTM.

At the time of writing, Feb. 2, players can only access this mode in Squads. The maximum number of players in a match is the usual 100, though for now you can't test it out Solo. Look for Close Encounters on your Lobby page by changing the selected mode. Once partied up and ready, hit play and give this LTM a try.