What is Halo Infinite Attrition? New Game Mode Explained

Image courtesy of 343 Industries

Halo Infinite's latest seasonal event has gone live, bringing with it new game mode Attrition - but what exactly is it?

343 Industries are kicking off the new year with a brand new seasonal event, Cyber Showdown. Running from now until Feb. 1, players have the chance to grab some free limited-timed rewards. To do so, players will need to hop into the game's newest game mode, Attrition.

There are 10 Event Challenges to complete, all spread throughout the Weekly Challenges during the event. Each completed event unlocks a unique cyber-themed cosmetic to slap onto your Spartan.

So, what exactly is Attrition and how does it work?

What is Halo Infinite Attrition? New Game Mode Explained

Attrition in Halo Infinite is a new take on Slayer mode. Each team will be given a limted amount of lives which will be shared between teammates. To win, you'll need to deplete the enemy's lifepool before they deplete yours. Keep your teammates revived and coordinated in a classic 4v4.

The new game mode is accessible via the main multiplayer menu and can be played on Aquarius, Bazaar, Behemoth, Live Fire, Recharge, and Streets.

Alongside a number of cosmetics for your Spartan, each player who logs into the event will also earn the New Heights backdrop for their Spartan ID. Other themed items will also be hitting the in-game store, so be sure to check out what's on offer.

The Cyber Showdown Event in Halo Infinite ends on Feb. 1, 2022.