What is Hyper Roll in TFT?

Silverwing is excited to roll more champions!
Silverwing is excited to roll more champions! / courtesy of Riot games

What is Hyper Roll in TFT?

Hyper Roll is a new gameplay added to Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning series as it brings a faster game phase.

This Wednesday, TFT's Patch 11.9 finally went live. This was a big patch because it marks a new season to TFT called Reckoning. Riot Games released a new cinematic video with the new features in TFT: Reckoning.

Along with new little legends and champions to the board, a new mod called Hyper Roll is here as well.

What is Hyper Roll in TFT?

The official article of Riot describes Hyper Roll as the "shorter, slimmer version of the standard TFT." Although TFT is less consuming than the League of Legends game, it can easily drag on to be a 30-minute game. Hyper Roll is guaranteed to finish in 20 minutes at maximum.

Climbing in rank for Hyper Roll will have a different rank system from the original TFT and there are separate playing rewards as well. More free rewards for us!

courtesy of Riot Games

There are three main differences between Hyper Roll and original TFT:

  • Experience and Income
  • Health and Damage
  • Drafting and Round Structure

This article will briefly walk you through these three elements. With an assumption that you are aware how regular TFF works, we will talk about how Hyper Roll has different features.

Experience and Income

The biggest difference in Hyper Roll is that experience cannot be bought. Players level up every round, thus meaning everyone playing the game will always have the same level.

In terms of income, you get two gold per victory, but there are no extra bonuses such as the ones that come from winning or losing streaks.

Health and Damage

Players start with 20 health, and health is lost when players lose. The loss amount varies depending on what stage the game is in. The first four stages cost two health, and the cost increases as the stage progress. From stage eight and after, a single loss will cause six deaths.

Drafting and Round Structure

There will be only one shared draft carousel per game. Players are sent off on their own to roll champions. Items will be picked out from the Armory, a new system added with TFT: Reckoning.


With these different features, we can know for sure that Hyper Roll will be a short game. Considering that everyone will be at the same level and will have limits to items, players must carefully choose what team to build up. Understanding team competition will be the key to winning Hyper Roll games.