What is Iron Trials 84 in Warzone?

Courtesy of Activision
Courtesy of Activision /

As the lifetime of Call of Duty: Warzone goes on, the development team at Raven has had to innovate interesting new modes to keep gameplay fresh and fun. Now, there is an all new mode coming to Warzone, replacing the duos mode. This new mode is called Iron Trials 84, a unique take that will be making its way into the game.

What is Iron Trials 84 in Warzone?

This new Iron Trials game mode will have a large emphasis on time to kill. This mechanic will be significantly larger, making players land more shots on target to get a kill. A very interesting wrinkle that will also be added is the removal of free loadout drops.

This makes money much more important, and will create situations where players will have to use floor loot more than they would like to, especially since most of the buy station items have increased prices. Some field upgrades have also been removed such as Stopping Power and Dead Silence.

Another big change in this mode is the Gulag. The Gulag will no longer have akimbo weapons or shotguns, and mostly removes utility as well. However, the player who wins the Gulag respawns with whatever they won with. Vehicles will also be more scarce, and the starting loot will be different as well. All of these changes can be experienced in this new mode in Warzone for as long as it is in the rotation.