What is Mitigated Damage Overwatch 2?

Blizzard Entertainment

After completing a match in Overwatch 2 players will notice all sorts of stats. Some like 'E' for Eliminations or 'D' for Deaths is self-explanatory. Some other stats like the MIT on the far right of the scoreboard might not be as obvious. Learning what that stat is tracking might change how players approach matches in Overwatch 2.

What is Mitigated Damage Overwatch 2?

The stat MIT is not an acronym for that one expensive college in Massachusetts, it's actually an abbreviation for Mitigated Damage. In simple terms, Mitigated Damage refers to how much damage a player prevented in a match. This is separate from how much damage a player heals which is indicated by the 'H' stat on the scoreboard. MIT can be gained from many different abilities. Heroes like Reinhardt or Brigitte are some of the more obvious ones with their shields.

Barriers are not the only way to score high MIT. Heroes such as Ana can use Nano Boost to reduce the damage another player takes. Overwatch 2 players that prefer to play a more defensive and support style should pay extra attention to the MIT stat. Offensive-minded players or healers will not have to worry too much about their MIT stat at the end of games.

With Overwatch 2 dropping one less player per team, it's important that each player maximizes their role in order to win. Quick play is a great option for players to experiment without potentially angering some extra competitive players.