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What is Omnivamp in League of Legends?

League of Legends Champion: Gwen
League of Legends Champion: Gwen / Courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends Season 11introduced Omnivamp, a new healing stat that's had a ridiculous effect on the game.

What is Omnivamp in League of Legends?

Omnivamp is a stat that allows players to heal based off of whatever damage they're doing. The damage is not attached to any specific source so this counts towards auto attacks, abilities, and item actives. For example, if a players Omnivamp is 20% and they do an attack that deals 50 damage they'll heal for 10 health.

Omnivamp as a tool is a great addition but in the current state of the game where players are bursting down their enemies we see champions healing for insane amounts of health on almost every attack. Riot may need to tone back the effectiveness of this stat if they're aiming for balance but only time will tell. As it stands, Omnivamp is here to stay and for those that have issues with it's effect on the game they'll just have to continue to adjust.