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What is Project Eve? New Trailer Released

Image courtesy of ShiftUP

Project Eve, a new game from ShiftUp, received a new trailer at yesterday's PlayStation Showcase. Here's what we know about this game so far.

Project Eve has largely remained a mystery. Other than some still images that were teased last year, this new trailer is the first true look at what this game is all about. The trailer, captured on PlayStation 5, revealed the main character - a woman wielding some impressively large weapons, fighting against a rather grotesque looking monster.

Not much is revealed about our main character. We follow her through post-apocalyptic locations as she fights against bizarre monsters that have wreaked havok on the world. She is seen wearing a shiny green and white bodysuit, with hair pulled up into a long ponytail. She appears to possess impressive acrobatic capabilities, effortlessly manoeuvring herself out of harms way as she slices up a variety of foes.

It's clear from the trailer that Project Eve is a Hack and Slash type of game; players can likely look forward to impressive, fast-paced combat with a plethora of abilities and weapons. The destruction seems interlaced with moments of peace, learning more about the state of the world and pushing along the currently unknown story.

We might not know too much about the deeper details of the game just yet, but it's clear that the game has caught the attention of a lot of fans. Project Eve's impressive visuals and engaging soundtrack make it hard not to be even a little bit intrigued.

Project Eve doesn't have a release date just yet. In the meantime, players should check out the trailer and keep an eye out for more details coming soon.