What is Sentinels of Light?

Sentinels of Light event splash art
Sentinels of Light event splash art / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Sentinels of Light, the newest chapter in Riot Games' Ruination-themed project, is an event coming to League of Legends on July 8.

Players first discovered the event via a teaser puzzle on the official League of Legends website. By solving the puzzle, players unveiled a piece of splash art featuring Viego, Thresh, Senna, Lucian, Gwen, Vayne, Graves, and the new sentinel of light, Akshan, who will be playing a major role in the event.

What is Sentinels of Light?

Sentinels of Light is the latest installment in Riot's Ruination storyline, involving the return of the Ruined King Viego and the encroaching Black Mist. The Ruination cinematic released in January, the champions Gwen and Viego, as well as the upcoming Ruined King: A League of Legends Story game are all parts of the project.

In this event, the focus will be on the Sentinels of Light teaming up against the Black Mist, and the introduction of Akshan, said to be the mid-lane marksman teased in April's Champion Roadmap.

The event will run from July 8 to August 10, across all five of Riot's titles: League of Legends, Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and Valorant. It's exciting to see Valorant included, as it is a tactical first-person shooter set in an entirely different universe.

Riot has already announced Sentinel of Light skins for Vayne, Irelia, Olaf, Riven, and Diana, as well as a Ruined skin for Pantheon, to be released during the event.

Players can look forward to Sentinels of Light being the biggest League event this year, equal or greater in scale to Spirit Blossom last year. Stay tuned for more information to come about the event.