What is Slider Overdrive in Tiny Tina's Wonderland?

Courtesy of Gearbox Software
Courtesy of Gearbox Software /

What is slider overdrive in Tiny Tina's Wonderland?

With Tiny Tina's wonderland released to high praise from Borderlands fans, though not without controversy, the game has become a hit financially and critically.

Many are enjoying the zany, wacky humor that a Borderlands game would provide, along with a bunch of new gameplay features. To the excitement of many, Tiny Tina is now offering fully customizable characters, rather than just picking a character class and having preset cosmetics. Using sliders, you can manipulate face shape, hair, eye size, and a slew of other options.

One of the new features of this new character creation is a bizarre little mechanic called a "Slider Overdrive" and has been the source of much confusion among fans.
Fortunately, we have the information needed to get the most out of the creator.

How to Use Slider Overdrive in Tiny Tina's Wonderland

Slider Overdrive is a way to enhance your character creation, by enabling the sliders used in the character creation to look as weird and as janky as possible. All it really does is turn off some inhibitors on the sliders for character customization, allowing you to stretch the character to unnatural proportions.

The feature is turned off by default, limiting your choices to look somewhat normal. Turned on, however, and you can create any number of combinations, from just having big ears to looking like a monster out of a Lovecraftian horror novel. It is similar in style to Dark Souls, with the ability to change the shape of everything from your chin size to skin color.

Afterward, should you decide you don't like the look, you are free to change it at any time.
Simply head over to one of the character stations, Quick Change Stations, and simply reset your whole look.

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