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What is Splitgate's Player Count?

Splitgate's portal in action
Splitgate's portal in action / Credit to 1047 Games

Splitgate is an innovative take on the arena shooter genre due to its use of portals. Players can fire two different colors of portals onto certain walls and surfaces around the map to create an immediate link between any two places. This opens up endless ways to not only traverse the game's arenas, but also creative ways to outplay opponents.

As of July 27 2021, Splitgates free to play open beta has been available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X with crossplay capabilities. The crossplay open beta was so popular that servers were overwhelmed and many players struggled to play the game without issues, causing developer 1047 Games to extend the open beta.

What is Splitgate's Player Count?

Determining the player count across all platforms is difficult because there is no clearly defined information regarding the number of players on console platforms; however, Steam Charts allows us to see exactly how Splitgate has been performing on PC.

As of today, Splitgate's all-time peak of concurrent players through steam is 67,724. This is a wildly impressive number for a game that just two months ago had roughly only 336 average players. In the last 30 days Splitgate has averaged approximately 30,967 players.