What is Storm Surge Fortnite: Everything You Need to Know

What is Storm Surge Fortnite? It is a popular question for new competitive players who might encounter the feature for the first time, especially those looking for ways around it.

Storm Surge was introduced to make competitive Fortnite, essentially, more competitive. A major complaint with competitive Fortnite is how campy it can get with its gameplay.

Epic Games introduced Storm Surge to counteract that. Here's everything you need to know about Fortnite's Storm Surge feature.

What is Storm Surge Fortnite: Everything You Need to Know

Here's detailed information from Epic Games' Fortnite 6.31 patch notes on how Storm Surge works in game:

Storm Surge

  • If a certain amount of players are remaining by the time the Storm finishes closing, a Storm Surge will activate. This periodically deals damage to players who have the least amount of damage dealt during the match.
  • Here's information on how each circle breaks down:

    • Circle 1: 60 Players Remaining
    • Circle 2: 44 Players Remaining
    • Circle 3: 30 Players Remaining
    • Circle 4: 20 Players Remaining
    • Circle 5: 16 Players Remaining
    • Circle 6: 14 Players Remaining
    • Circle 7: 12 Players Remaining
    • Circle 8: 6 Players Remaining
    • Circle 9: 2 Players Remaining

    Storm Surge might not be perfect in its current form, but at least Epic Games is taking strides to making Fortnite more competitive.

    Photo courtesy of Epic Games