What is Storm Surge in Fortnite? Players might be asking themselves that question after falling victim to the feature.

Fortnite, as a battle royale game, is inherently all about survival. How one survives is up to them. Whether that's eliminating the competition around them, or by letting the competition eliminate each other, it's all about securing a Victory Royale.

Well, for those who take a more passive approach to Fortnite, Epic Games introduced a feature to punish them. Said feature is Storm Surge. Here's everything you need to know.

What is Storm Surge in Fortnite?

Storm Surge punishes players who are below a specific damage threshold by dealing direct damage. It was initially introduced in Season 6 for Patch v6.31. How the feature actually works is a bit muddled considering Epic Games hasn't revealed specifically how it works.

The feature was designed to punish campers, but it's had implications in the Fortnite World Cup. Professional play is a step up from casual, but it's still the same game.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games