What is Swarm Mode in Back 4 Blood?

Image provided by Turtle Rock Studios.
Image provided by Turtle Rock Studios. /

Back 4 Blood features a co-op experience similar to the critically-acclaimed Left 4 Dead, though there’s one game mode that shakes up the cooperative nature of the title. Here’s a brief summary of Swarm Mode in Back 4 Blood.

Fans of Left 4 Dead may be familiar with this style of gameplay. In Swarm Mode, two teams of four are pitted against one another. One team takes the roles of the human “Cleaners” while the other team of the zombie “Ridden” try their best to kill them. This PvP mode serves as a change-of-pace from the normal co-op gameplay, as players can settle it on the field.

What is Swarm Mode in Back 4 Blood?

In the beginning of the match, the Cleaners are allowed time to collect weapons and supplies before the swarm comes upon them, led by the four opponents playing as special Ridden. When the time is up, Cleaners are tasked with surviving as long as possible until the Ridden players eventually overpower them and the round is over. Both sides will have access to various perks and upgrades that can keep the other team on their toes.

The teams switch sides after the Cleaners are defeated, and the match continues until one team gains enough points to win.

Back 4 Blood is now available to play on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as PC.