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What is the Best Controller for Battlefield 2042?

What's the best controller for Battlefield 2042?
What's the best controller for Battlefield 2042? / Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts

What is the best controller for Battlefield 2042? The game was released in November 2021 and has seen players struggle with rough glitches and gameplay issues since the game dropped. Some players have found it difficult to progress through the game and play well, and a solution may be adjusting your controller choice.

First-person shooters like Battlefield 2042 require plenty of hand-eye coordination and fast reactions to deal with the constant gunfire and commotion going on around you, and Battlefield amplifies that with its massive 64-v-64 matchmaking capabilities. A good controller will help you comfortably take down opponents and avoid button delay and the ability to map your button controls your way. Here's the best controller for Battlefield 2042.

What is the Best Controller for Battlefield 2042

Depending on your system, there are various controller options to suit your playstyle.

For Xbox users, we suggest a controller like the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. The controller is both USB and Bluetooth compatible and has interchangeable pieces to suit your comfort. This controller comes with a set of six different thumbsticks and four pairs of paddles, which you can map to a specific button. The customization options on the controller give the gamer the best possible thing when playing a shooter: options.

For Playstation, the DualSense Wireless Controller is the best choice. It includes haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, which help add to the immersion of Battlefield 2042. Haptic feedback is used to simulate the feeling of various interactions in-game, such as the recoil of different weapons, and adaptive triggers adjust the tension to create a greater sense of realism.

Razer is well-known for pioneering some of the best PC headsets and controllers for gaming, and their Wolverine Ultimate controller is a great choice for PC users in Battlefield 2042. The wired controller features an interchangeable d-pad and thumbsticks, similar to the Xbox Elite controller, as well as customizable lighting built in and an automatic hair trigger mode. The hair trigger mode helps boost your trigger finger's response, giving you the split second edge to transition between firing at enemies so you don't waste a bullet.

What system are you playing Battlefield 2042 on? Let us know what your favorite controller is and if you would rock out with one of our choices. Battlefield 2042 is available now on Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.