What is the Best Controller for Fortnite Chapter 3?

Photo courtesy of Epic Games, Marvel

What is the best controller for Fortnite Chapter 3? The Scuf Infinity4PS Pro has been a notable controller when playing Fortnite. Its ergonomic design and numerous ways to customize the controller can help players' overall game play.

On Dec. 5, Fortnite Chapter 3 was launched, announcing a Marvel's Spider-Man x Fortnite crossover along with holiday-themed costumes and updates. But with a new chapter and season out, players have been quick to rank and level up.

In order to help players level up quicker and claim more victories this chapter, a new controller can sometimes make a huge difference. Here's more on the SCUF Infinity4PS Pro and other alternatives that can help Fortnite players play the the best they can.

What is the Best Controller for Fortnite Chapter 3?

When playing Fortnite, what makes a good controller is the feel, how many buttons are on the controller and how accessible they are. Fortnite requires quick actions and the Infinity4PS Pro is specifically designed in order for players to quickly.

The SCUF Infinity4PS Pro follows the DualShock design and has a trigger control system which can decrease the firing time in any FPS game. On the bottom, there are two paddles which can be customized to important actions. This way players can quickly access these actions in the middle of an intense fight. The controller can be bought on SCUF's website, and can also be further customized on the website.

Unfortunately, this controller is only for PS4 and PC. Here are a few more options that are as good as the SCUF Infinity4PS Pro.