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What is the Best Controller for Halo Infinite

Photo courtesy 343 Industries

The best controller for Halo Infinite has been the Elite Series 2, notoriously rated as one of the best controllers for Halo Infinite, but the major downside is that the price of the controller is steep for an average Halo player, and so there are some other options one could pursue if either the Elite Series 2 is too expensive for them, or it's just not the right fit.

What is the Best Controller for Halo Infinite

Hands down the best controller are the Elite Series 2 for Halo Infinite, as it is very customizable in order for the player to make the controller suit their specific needs, and when using the Xbox Accessories app, it will give the player the ability to map out their controls.

List of Alternative Controllers

But some other alternatives to the Elite Series 2 are:

  • Razer Wolverine Ultimate
  • Turtle Beach Recon
  • SCUF Instinct Pro
  • Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro
  • PowerA Enhanced Wired

Controller Settings

Even though getting the ideal controller is great for Halo Infinite, adjusting one’s settings is critical when it comes to a better playing experience.

For beginners, the default button layout is perfectly fine when starting out, one can always add variants and adjust it to their liking, but one cannot go wrong with a simple basic setup to their controller settings.

As one progresses further into the game, certain factors need to be considered like the size of hands and ease of mobility. Once a player progresses further into the game and increases their skill level, they should experiment with the best design suitable for their needs, especially if they notice that certain mobility is harder to use with the default controls.