What is the LCS Scouting Ground?

What is the LCS Scouting Ground? League of Legends has led the way in growing young talent and the Scouting Grounds is the perfect example of that testament.

The LCS Scouting Grounds is exactly how these top tier players can be found.

You qualify for the scouting grounds by consistently ranking high within Solo Queue and where you place grants you points and the top two players for each role based off of those points get invited to Santa Monica to compete in the Scouting Grounds. You also do not have to compete against pros or secondary accounts when trying to rank within the top two of each role. They are factored out of the equation when all of the scores are totaled.

There is also a "One-Trick Rule" in place that encourages players that want to go to the scouting grounds to diversify their champion pools.

Finally, there is a behavior check for LCS hopefuls that must be passed if a player is to attend the Scouting Grounds.

If you pass all the qualifications, you'll get the invite!

Cover Image Courtesy of Riot Games