What is the Pokemon UNITE Free Rotation?

Players are a bit confused about the Free Rotation in Pokemon UNITE.
Players are a bit confused about the Free Rotation in Pokemon UNITE. / Game Freak, Tencent, The Pokemon Company

Players are a bit confused about the Free Rotation in Pokemon UNITE.

Those who don't frequent Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)-type games such as League of Legends or DOTA 2 may be finding themselves a bit overwhelmed with all the terminology. Pokemon UNITE has done its best to make newcomers feel welcome by replacing parts of this with their own vocabulary—e.g.: "Middle Area" instead of mid-lane or "Jungle" and sorting Pokemon according to Attack, Defense, and Speed (although, Charizard is a total ADC).

However, there are just some aspects of the genre that cannot be erased. "Free Rotation" is one such vestigial phrase.

Pokemon UNITE Free Rotation Explained

The Pokemon UNITE Free Rotation is a selection of Pokemon that are free to play for a certain time. Players do not need to purchase a license or pay a fee to play these Pokemon while they're included under Free Rotation. This is the best time to try out a new choice before purchasing them.

The selection rotates according to a set duration with new Pokemon becoming available with each turnover. Typically, each Free Rotation contains four Pokemon and lasts about four to six days—with four being the most common at the time of writing.

However, with the game now up and running, some players suspect the turnover will become a weekly mechanic that refreshes every Sunday.

The current Free Rotation Selection for Aug. 15 is:

  • Absol
  • Greninja
  • Machamp
  • Mr. Mime

Using the previous iterations of Free Rotation in Pokemon UNITE, we can predict that the above-mentioned selection will be available until Aug. 19 or Aug. 21. New Pokemon should replace them by Aug. 22.

It appears that the selection is mostly random. Absol, Greninja, and Mr. Mime were featured as recently as Aug. 4. Absol has been available for three out of the six rotations launched at the time of writing. In contrast, this is Machamp's first time as a Free Rotation Pokemon.