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What is the Star Guardian Twin Stars?

Courtesy of Riot Games

Get ready to get your summer reading on! Riot Games has released a 14-chapter story for Star Guardians: Twin Stars.

Star Guardian is an alternate universe where the League of Legend champions are high school students living a double life as magical girls. Players can read a long, watch music videos, and buy skins for the event.

What is the Star Guardian Twin Stars?

The Star Guardian Twin Stars is a short story written by Cat Cheresh. The short story is split into three parts with 14 chapters in total. It starts Ahri, Akali, Ezreal, Janna, and many other champions. The Twin Stars are Kai'sa and Akali, two champions who are entirely different from each other but come together through an unlikely event. There are two other pairs in the story, and each pair has a different ending. Without spoiling too much from the story, what they all have in common is the theme of sacrifice.

Head to the League of Legends site to read Twin Stars and the previous stories to begin reading the story.

Another Sky - Free Missions

To progress through each chapter, you have to defeat two "bosses" by generating Starlight—45 Starlight for the mid-boss, and 90 Starlight for the final boss.

Chapters unlock every week up to Chapter4, and you must complete a chapter before continuing to the next. Progress and rewards are automatic, meaning that your progress will be tracked and your rewards will be dropped into your inventory without needing to claim them.