What Nationality is Sigma in Overwatch?

What nationality is Sigma in Overwatch? The nationality of Overwatch characters is always something fun to speculate about — and Sigma is no different. Blizzard has made short work of attempting to represent the map at a global scale. Does anyone else ever wonder if perhaps the creative team has one of those scratch-away maps of the countries hanging in their office?

Here's everything we know about Sigma's nationality.

What Nationality is Sigma?

As was revealed in a 2018 BlizzCon voice actor panel, the Blizzard creative team often wants to go out of its way to hire actors who can also speak the language their character canonically can. Sigma's voice actor is Boris Hiestand—a much younger man to Sigma's 62—who grew up in the Netherlands.

If that isn't enough of a tip-off, one Reddit user discovered a hidden hint in Sigma's origin story. The yellow letters at the beginning of the video, when flipped backward, reveal the phrase "Bevrijd me." This is Dutch for "Release me" and has been recently reflected on Hiestand's Twitter.

Sigma's last name, "de Kupier", is also a callback to the American-Dutch astrophysicist Gerard Kuper who is memorialized in the Kupier Belt of our solar system.

Additionally, Blizzard has released that the laboratory where he was conducting his experiments was in The Hague in the Netherlands.

If all that evidence still isn't enough to convince you that Hero 31 is Dutch, here's our ace in the hole. Hiestand went as far as to confirm his nationality on Twitter.

It looks like, this time, the universe has decided to make sense for us, after all.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.