What's New in MLB The Show 20?

What's new in MLB The Show 20?
What's new in MLB The Show 20? / Courtesy of Sony

What's new in MLB The Show 20? The annually released baseball simulator is constantly adjusting its formula to best strike the balance between realism and fun for players. Here are a few of the new features in MLB The Show 20.

What's New in MLB The Show 20?

One new addition in MLB The Show 20 is the new first step mechanic for outfielders. Outfielders' movement will be affected by the first step they make before a run, with better outfielders taking a more helpful first step before getting into their full run animation.

Another outfielding add is the Extreme Catch Indicator, which appears on line drives that are falling particularly quickly. Players can use that indicator to decide whether they want to risk the difficult catch or hang back, stay in front of the ball, and minimize the damage from letting it drop.

The game has a revamped catching and throwing system, forcing players on defense to pay attention to each play they make. Those plays have small windows in which they'll be performed correctly, and better athletes widen that window. That system is applied even more harshly when it comes to throwing to home.

All these features and more help make MLB The Show 20 distinct from its predecessors.