What's the Average K/D in MW3?

Here's the average K/D in MW3.
Here's the average K/D in MW3. / Activision

The average K/D in MW3 right now might surprise you.

After the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 beta did not provide Combat Records, everyone is curious to see their detailed statistics now that MW3 is finally out. As you grind multiplayer and Zombies, your total kills and deaths are recorded into a K/D ratio. The best way to gauge your skill compared to other players across the globe is to compare your K/D to the average MW3 K/D.

Check out the average K/D in MW3 to see where you stand a week into the game.

What's the Average K/D in MW3 Right Now?

The average K/D in MW3 right now is a 1.0 kill to death ratio. In most Call of Duty titles, the average K/D always hovers around a 1.0, meaning for every kill a person gets, they also record a death. The ratio will increase or decrease depending on if you average more kills or deaths in matches.

Although the average is a 1.0, you always want your K/D to be positive, and therefore anything higher than a 1.0 is considered successful in Call of Duty. If you have a negative K/D and fall below a 1.0, then you might need to log more hours on MW3.

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How to Check Your K/D in MW3

To check your K/D in MW3, go to the Stats page from the in-game menu. There, you will find a much more extensive Combat Record than in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The page highlights your time played, games played, K/D, and more for Multiplayer and Zombies.

Your K/D ratio is on the left side of the Combat Record. Next to it, you will also find your win/loss ratio, along with other cool stats, like highest killstreak and highest kills per game.

If you want even more data, you can also check your top weapons in MW3. The Combat Record notes how many kills you get, as well as your K/D ratio, for each weapon.