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What's the Best Power Weapon in Halo Infinite?

Image courtesy of 343 Industries

What's the best power weapon in Halo Infinite?

In Halo, some of the core values in determining the skill gap include teamwork, map awareness and, of course, knowing where and how to exploit the power weapons to their fullest potential. Here's a breakdown of the best power weapon in Halo Infinite, the M41 SPNKr.

What's the Best Power Weapon in Halo Infinite?

The rocket launcher has long been the most lethal weapon to use for Spartans, and Halo Infinite is no exception.

With the ability to one-hit kill multiple enemies at ease while moving, the M41 SPNKr can turn the tide of a match, or make matters that much worse depending on which team is able to secure it.

The only downside to the rocket launcher in this Halo iteration is the time it takes to ready the weapon on pickup and that it comes with just two rockets.

Of course, the M41 SPNKr isn't available on all maps, so on those such as Live Fire, the priority has to go to the S7 Sniper.

Another longtime staple of competitive Halo, the S7 Sniper is unquestionably a game changer in the right hands.

Although its handling is a bit low and there's some bloom when firing it, hitting an enemy in the head will kill them instantly while a body shot removes their shields right away.

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