What's the Highest Endorsement Level Overwatch 2?


One of the best feelings at the end of a game of Overwatch 2 is to get endorsements. These match rewards also include tangible benefits: Increasing your endorsement rank also nets additional bonuses, so it's a good idea to try and get as many endorsements as possible by being a good sportsman and trying your best during the match in order to make a good impression on teammates.

The original Overwatch also had an endorsement system, but that system netted loot boxes every month based on endorsement level. Overwatch 2's endorsement system works slightly differently, instead rewarding a small boost of XP and periodic progress on the current Battle Pass based on endorsement level. A higher endorsement level means more progress.

Highest Endorsement Level Overwatch 2

Endorsement levels go from one to five in Overwatch 2. Reaching level five is difficult because it takes many endorsements over a long period of time. Endorsement level can also go down if you aren't consistently getting endorsements. There are also some rules about endorsing: Friends can't endorse one another, a player can't endorse another player more than once per 12 hours and only teammates can endorse one another.