Apex Legends

What the Season 11 Launch Trailer Reveals About the New Gun Coming to Apex Legends

Mirage holding the new C.A.R. SMG
Mirage holding the new C.A.R. SMG / Credit to EA/Respawn

The Season 11: Escape launch trailer for Apex Legends premiered earlier today giving players their first official look at some of the content coming to the game on Nov. 2.

One of the many new additions to the game featured in the trailer was the C.A.R SMG. The C.A.R. was a fan favorite weapon in Titanfall 2 because of its versatility. It had an impressive range for an SMG, but could still be handled quickly enough to be effective in close-range battles as well. In Apex Legends though this role is filled by the Volt SMG so there is a good chance that the C.A.R. will function differently from how it did in Titanfall 2.

How the C.A.R. Might Work in Apex Legends

Unfortunately, the launch trailer was mostly concerned with the storyline and dialogue between the legends so there aren't many hints that reveal how the C.A.R. will work from a gameplay perspective. For that, we have to rely on information that has been leaked about the weapon.

The most interesting quality about the C.A.R. leaked thus far is its potential to use two different ammo types. According to leaks from PWN_hub on Twitter and Reddit, the C.A.R. might have the capability to use both light and heavy ammo. Screenshots show the UI for the weapon features both the heavy and light ammo symbols. The weapon might also be able to use both extended light mags or extended heavy mags if this turns out to be true.

Apex Legends Season 11: Escape will launch on Nov. 2.