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What Time do League of Legends Patches Release on Wednesdays?

World Champions, DAMWON Gaming's new skins
World Champions, DAMWON Gaming's new skins / Photo by Riot Games

What time do League of Legends patches release on Wednesdays?

League of Legends players know that approximately every couple of weeks the game receives a moderate to big update. Within the update, there’s champion balancing and tuning as well as items receive the same treatment. To go alongside these changes, new skins or sets of skins get released with the occasional new champion following suit.

Earlier this year, Riot Games posted the League of Legends 2021 patch schedule on their support site. Since then we’ve had over eight patches with plenty more to go until the year’s end.

What Time Does League of Legends Patch on Wednesdays?

Although Riot has never specified a specific time for patch releases. One can surmise that based on their updates in 2020, maintenances begin at around 3 a.m. PT for NA servers, 5 a.m. UK time for EUW and 3 a.m. CET for EUNE. These maintenances tend to last for approximately three hours.

To know when exactly a patch will release, players will need to check the patch notes. Players can do this with the newest upcoming patch, patch 11.9, which releases on Wednesday.